The Relais de Chasse is situated in between the historic cities of Nevers en Moulins and can be easily reached via the N7 motorway. Nevers is the capital of the Nievre (Burgundy), Moulins of the Alliers (Auvergne). Both cities offer a wide variety of shops, restaurants, bars and historic sites and are within a 30 minute reach.

Once this area was part of the duchy Burgundy. Hence the great variety of convents, cathedrals, abby's and castles.


Also this is an area of pittoresque beauty and 'pre-war' peace and quiet. And, lets not forget the wine and food for which this area is famous worldwide.

The Nievre is one of France least densely populated area's. It is home however to extensive old forests, combined with sloping scenery, rivers and canals.